The vision for Al-Madinah Institute began in 2009, it was at that time Coventry's own Maulana Nabeel Afzal planted the seed for what would become a revolutionary community hub and Masjid.

From a young age Maulana Nabeel Afzal took interest in religion due to his family background, in particular his grandfather who was a very pious man.

After graduating Maulana Nabeel Afzal opened Coventry's first youth organised Al-Madinah Centre in September of 2009.

The services and activities provided at the centre generated interest from the local youth and kept them off the streets and out of mischief.

One of Maulana Nabeel Afzal's greatest achievements is the Mawlid Procession, an event which had been absent in Coventry for 16 years. The event has now become our biggest annual conference since 2013.

Al-Madinah Institute covers 16,000 square feet and offers several classrooms, a library, kitchen space, a mortuary, segregated area for women, recreational space and a Live streaming studio!